XSTART starter kit

Nuts & Bolts Development presents its latest innovation

Quick and easy assembly

In an hour approximately, without needing to take apart the magneto (flywheel), you can say goodbye to the kick to start your XT500 or SR500.

The «XSTART» kit fits straight on the engine, replacing the original casing; it’s pre-assembled and includes all necessary connecting cables. Install and connect the lithium battery. Attach the starter switch to your handlebars. Press and go for a ride.

Comments: The installation of the “«XSTART»” kit works alongside the kick-start. When cold starting, the valve lift (tool) is recommended.

High performance, discreet and 100% reversible

The ability to return to their original state is our priority, taking into account they are considered as classic motorcycles.
You can easily remove the «XSTART» kit and return your motorcycle to its original condition and, why not install it on a new machine.

We designed the «XSTART» kit to be as discreet as possible with the minimum of changes required to the motorcycle itself.
We respect the shape without sacrificing its technical function which is to modernise the motorcycle.

The Nuts and Bolts development company designed the «XSTART» kit with a powerful starter.

All you have to do is to check the battery charge. With a 2-year guarantee, why wait?
All you need to do is press the button…

The Concept

Nuts and Bolts Development is pleased to present its latest innovation: the "XSTART" kit.

Thanks to our 15 years of experience of incorporating starters in classic English motorcycles (1000 Vincent, Vincent Comet, Velocette, Royal Enfield, Norton, Manx etc.), The Nuts & Bolts Development company has created a new starter just for the legendary YAMAHA XT500 et SR500. New technologies allow us to do today what was completely impossible back in the 1970s (Lead batteries, bump-start electric motors, the freewheel design) forced the bikers of the time to use a kick-start.

No more excuses for leaving your bike in the back of the garage. Rediscover or discover 40 years later the joy of riding your mythical one without the inconvenience of a kick-start.

The purists may say that they are sceptical, that doesn’t add anything, an XT starts by hand, etc., etc.

 Others will say, your wellbeing comes first ! An electric start to save my knee !

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