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You have acquired an XSTART starter and you want to convert your motorcycle to 12v with a lithium regulator charge.

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Conversion 6v-12v pour XT500

 The original electrical circuit is divided into 2 circuits. One works in alternating current for the lighting and the accessories, the other works in continuous current to recharge the battery. These 2 circuits start from the same coil in the magnetic flywheel called charging coil. The 2nd coil in the flywheel ensures the ignition function (high voltage coil and switches)

The load coil has 2 stages.

  • 1st stage (white wire): it ensures the battery charge by passing through a rectifier diode.
  • 2nd stage (yellow wire): it ensures the lighting, the horn and the various witnesses. This current is not rectified.

This 6v-12v conversion kit, consisting of a “Rex’s Speed Shop” coil (charging coil supplied and modified by us), will simultaneously provide lighting and battery charging via our lithium battery regulator.



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