XSTART for SR500 and SR400 (before 2014)

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* 1488 € (French VAT included) Starter kit for SR500.

* European special price

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What’s in the «XSTART»?

Each “XSTART” kit includes a 1kw starter and its relay installed on its housing, a drive chain, a free wheel, a damped connecting piece, all the necessary accessories and a detailed and illustrated manual for quick and easy assembly.

  • A very light rechargeable lithium battery with a large capacity (89800mAh).
  • The starting current is 300A and the peak current is 600A for 3s.
  • Temperature range -20 and ~+60.

An external 220v-15v charger that you plug into the mains.

Recommendations: Make sure that the magnetic steering wheel is in good condition.

Tools: special wrench, assembly instructions

Additional information

Weight7 kg
Dimensions35 × 40 × 30 cm


Selecting the position of the start button

2 solutions:

  • Use the button provided and mounted on the right side for start-up.
  • For better ergonomics, we recommend converting the horn button into a start button and the button provided would then serve as the horn. This procedure is explained in paragraph D14 of the fitting instructions.

Adjusting the selector switch

As the kit housing is more prominent than the original, it may be necessary to shift the original selector down. However, for better ergonomics, we recommend the Kedo 40455 selector.

Fitting instructions

Click here to download fitting instructions.
Notice de montage du kit XSTART

Click here for additional information


Is it necessary to use the camshaft visual indicator to start the bike?

No while using the starter the camshaft visual indicator is not necessary.

Is adjusting the ignition required when installing the kit?

No, installing the kit does not require any adjustment of the ignition

Is removing the flywheel required when installing the kit?

No, if you are sure of the flywheel condition and its mounting on the crankshaft, it is not necessary.

Is it necessary to always use the valve lifter while using the starter?

No, however it is recommended in order to reduce the power used by the starter engine and the battery. This way, you improve the service life of both the starter and the battery.

Can I keep my current battery?

No, our lithium battery is calibrated for the XSTART. It contains electronic security and balance components that protect each cell’s charge. The given power plug is also specific to the starter. Any modifications would cancel the warranty.

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